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The creation of INTERCONTROLE is inseparable from the development of the civil nuclear energy in France.

Intercontrole was created in 1974 under the shape of a joint venture ( GIE) between the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and TECHNIP company.

It carried out its first steam generator and reactor vessel inspections in France in 1977.

In 1998, Intercontrole became a subsidiary of Framatome company which merged the same year with the nuclear activities of Siemens company to form the Framatome entity "Advanced Nuclear Power ( ANP)".

In September 2002, the entity joined AREVA, holding company of the French nuclear power and became AREVA NP.

In january 2018, the entity New NP, subsidiary changes stake holders and becomes Framatome.Intercontrole keeps its name and its status of Limited Company.

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