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Intercontrôle specializes in automated non-destructive testing of PWR nuclear reactors primary circuit components

Inspected zone by INTERCONTROLE

GEX-PRIMAIRE GEX-PRIMAIRE GEX-CUVE GEX-GV GEX-GV GEX-PRIMAIRE Zones inspectées par Intercontrôle - Réacteur - Circuit primaire


  • More than 180 operators
  • 155 certifications according to EN ISO 9712 delivered by COFREND
  • 90 operations on site / year


  • Standard and focused ultrasonics, multifrequency eddy currents, X and gamma radiography, visual testing, penetrant testing, thermography

Codes and standards

  • Methods and equipment qualified to the applicable codes (RSE-M, ASME)
EPR vessel in-service inspection manipulator

EPR vessel in-service inspection manipulator
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Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
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