Development and qualification of specific NDT equipment: Using our expertise to work for you

The operations and development teams at Intercontrôle can call on their exceptional experience and expertise that is continuously maintained. They make Intercontrôle a valued partner capable of adapting to all inspection codes in force worldwide (RSE-M, ASME, KTA) and of offering a rapid response to the demands of its customers in France and the world over.

The demands for longer reactor lifespans and shorter and less expensive interventions are also a permanent incentive to develop new inspection equipment.

Our highly varied developments demonstrate our capacity to innovate.

Some of our developments:

  • The in-service inspection machine (MIS) used to inspect the reactor pressure vessel of the Flamanville 3 EPR
  • The EXACT inspection chain that uses eddy current testing to inspect steam generator tubes
  • Ultrasonic inspection of the reactor vessel inner radius nozzles
  • Ultrasonic and televisual inspection of reactor vessel bottom-mounted instrumentation (BMI)
  • Phased-array ultrasonic robotic inspection systems for primary circuit piping
  • Remote control system for the inspection of a primary circuit nozzle with a flexible phased array ultrasonic transducer
  • Data processing software
  • Contrôle de soudure sur une tuyauterie primaire

    Piping weld inspection on the EPR Flamanville 3 main coolant line

  •   AÏDA : Steam generator tubes inspection data analysis software

  • Reactor pressure vessel inner radius nozzle inspection tool

  • Robotic system with flexible phased-array ultrasonic transducer

  • Steam generator tubes inspection equipment