Our methods and processes 

Intercontrôle has a strong command of a broad range of non-destructive testing methods and processes, from ultrasonics and radiography, to eddy currents, thermography and televisual examinations.

These particular skills enable us to conduct impartial technical analyses, and to propose and justify the testing solution(s) that best meet your needs.

Our deliverables include the engineering of simulations or tests on mock-ups. We command the entire testing solution development cycle, from feasibility studies to the development and qualification of complete testing procedures.

Our processes are classified as surface tests and volume test.

Surface testing

Surface tests detect defects and imperfections in the first few millimetres of the material. Intercontrôle is specialised in metals (carbon steels, rust-proof steels, Inconels, etc.) for the nuclear industry and uses the appropriate methods to remotely and mechanically detect defects of very small dimensions in demanding environments. Eddy current testing, televisual examinations, active thermography and dimensional testing are our core skills, which we apply to innovation, development, process qualification and on-site analyses.

Volume testing brochure

Volume testing is subject to codes and standards and most of them are done using ultrasonics and radiography. Volume tests detect and characterise sub-surface defects (blow holes, inclusions, etc.) and non-volume defects (cracks, bonding, etc.) during production and at the end of production, and fatigue defects during the lifetime of the equipment. The defects are detected in the mass of the base metal, welds and the thermally affected zone.