In-service inspection of nuclear reactors: Using our experience to work for you

Intercontrôle is specialised in the In-Service Inspection by automated Non Destructive Testing of the nuclear Pressurised Water Reactors primary circuit components.

Our inspections mainly cover the reactor pressure vessel and the steam generator tubes, but they can also be applied to all the other primary components that are important to the safety of the reactor.

This diagram of a nuclear boiler shows the components that we inspect.

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GV autres autres autres GV Cuve Zones surveyed by Intercontrôle

Zones surveyed by Intercontrôle


  • Standard and focused ultrasonics, multifrequency Eddy currents, X and gamma rays radiography, televisual examination, penetrant testing, thermography.

Codes and standards

  • Methods and equipment qualified to the applicable codes (RSE-M, ASME)

Operating capacity, certifications

    • 100 on-site operations per year
    • 180 operators
    • 155 COFREND-certified operators according to the European standard EN ISO 9712