Design and manufacturing of probes and transducers

Intercontrôle has a department that specialises in the design and manufacturing of specific eddy current internal probes and ultrasonic transducers.

Our design office, experts, engineers and technicians can meet your specifications, in keeping with the applicable standards. We can help you, from the definition of your needs, to the design, development, characterisation and acceptance of probes and internal probes that meet your requirements.

Our catalog:

  • Axial, rotating and blade eddy current probes
  • Production of advanced windings
  • Focussed and rotating focussed ultrasonic probes compatible with high temperatures, specific TOFDs and conformable phased arrays probes
  • Special internal probes and transducers for inspection in zones with restricted or difficult access
  • manufacturing of piezocomposites
  • Made-to-measure connectors
  • Mechanical design
  • Eddy current probes

    Eddy current Testing (ET) is used on materials that conduct electricity. It detects surface or subsurface defects by measuring the interference of an electromagnetic current.

  •  Specific probes

    Flexible or conformable probes feature a supple active surface that can be moulded to match the shape of damaged surfaces of parts that are not flat.

  •  Ultrasonic transducers

    The single-element or phased-array probe(s) emit ultrasonic waves that are propagated through the material being inspected. When these waves encounter an indication in the material, they are reflected and produce an echo.

  •  Design and manufacturing of probes

    There is a broad range of standard ultrasonic probes and eddy current internal probes. It is sometimes necessary to develop custom-made probes or internal probes for particular applications that take account of the properties and the geometry of the material to be inspected, and the possible defects (nature, geometry, depth).